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Every Neocities site has a Site Profile. This is located at Your Site Profile shows:

Your Feed

Your feed is updated whenever you make a change to your site (specifically, HTML files, other files are ignored in this case). If you've already updated your site in a 24-hour time span, the change you've made will be part of that last update. Not only do your site updates show up in your feed, but also messages that you and other sites can leave on your page. For a short amount of time[when?] after signup you may not comment on profiles to prevent spam. Each post to the feed can be liked, commented on or deleted. They show up in Global Activity as well. When you gain a follower, or follow a site, that shows up on your feed as well. These types of posts can not be interacted with, and don't show up in Global Activity. Your feed is split up into pages, with up to 10 entries at a time.

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