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This wiki tries to be consistent on at least a basic level. Here are some tips:

How to use images

Using images in an article is OK, but there are some rules to follow.

Wikimedia Commons is a good place to find royalty-free images.

Making images


If you reference something, make sure to link it. For people, unless they have a person page on neowiki, you should link their neocities site.


Don't reference people by full real name, even if you know it. Also, don't bring up facts about people that aren't relevant to the article topic. Use gender neutral pronouns. (they/them/etc.) Only write about what people do in the sphere of Neocities and Neocities-related projects, unless it's relevant to the article topic. You are allowed to write about yourself. (Though that may seem narcissistic.) Until I (minerobber) implement categories (or anyone else implements categories, this is an open wiki after all), please start the filenames of articles on people with people-. For example, an article on Kyle Drake would be named Once categories are implemented, those may be used instead.


If you quote someone or something, give credit. Also, try not to make an article that is one big quote.


The wiki is MIT licensed. Contributions are licensed under the same license.

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